Convert Word Document into PDF for Free

I got a call from a client who needed to quickly convert a Word document into a PDF, and they really did not want to have to install an additional application to accomplish this task.  I found that Google Docs offers the ability to do just this.  All you need is a Google account. Read More

Using WordPress as Digital Scrapbook

At one point during WordCamp 2007, there was a woman sitting in one of the front rows who explained that she was using WordPress as a blog to capture moments in her niece’s life. I thought, how cool is that! WordPress could be used like a digital scrapbook. Read More

PC Technician Best Practice: General System Cleaning During Service Call

One of the things I find interesting during second in-home break/fix calls, or a recent follow-up of another technician, is how lazy PC technicians have become when it comes to a general cleaning.

I have been in the business for quite a while, and I am amazed at how much positive feedback from after service surveys when doing a general system cleaning I receive, such as using compressed air and/or some sort of cleaning wipe. Read More

Brighthouse Networks Charging for Home Networking?

Recently, some friends asked me about installing a wireless router on their network.  The need was to get an Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live.  My friend currently uses a cable connection through Brighthouse Networks, and after doing some research via Google, I was shocked to find time-after-time in multiple areas, Brighthouse Networks is trying to charge an outrageous $14.95 per month for what it calls Home Networking.  For what this charge is for, I am not sure.

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15 Seconds of DSC Fame

I listen to the Daily Source Code podcast with Adam Curry.  In DSC episode #529, Adam was troubleshooting his Internet and WiFi connections.  As he had access to the telco closet in his building, Adam kept describing a wiring harness that he did not know the name of, which is a 66 block.

I thought it would be no big deal to call-in and leave a message, especially as that is what we promote on the Stockcarzone podcast, listener feedback. Boy was I wrong.  Leaving feedback via voicemail is easier said than done.  I definitely have a new appreciation for all the Stockcarzone listeners, and anyone else who puts themselves out there and leaves feedback.  Not only did I feel rigid when I called-in, I ended up sounding rigid.

Jan ’12 Update: Unfortunately the plugin player I was using conflicted with the new theme I’m using 🙁 However, here’s the mp3 link.


I was so nervous.  So much so, that Adam had a little fun with my call.  So to highlight my 15 seconds of DSC fame, at the bottom of this post you can listen to the clip from DSC episode #530.

Outsider’s View into the Record Industry

I had a rare look into the record industry during a VOIP install project which included two major recording labels.  Without divulging too much as to who the labels were, this article sums up some of the thoughts about what I saw from an outsider’s view.

Prior to the rollout, I was curious about what kind of portable media players I would find in employees’ workstations.  Instead, I saw nothing but CD-based listening systems, almost like it was taboo to have any music in digital format.

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